Here are some photos of the opening of my sculpture exhibition “Marmo & Bronzo” in Pietrasanta. It was a truly great day. I was overcome with joy at seeing so many people there, from Pietrasanta and the world over.

I want to thank the Mayor of Pietrasanta Domenico Lombardi, and Valentina Fogher, and the art critic Giuseppe Cordoni for their support and their presence. A big thank you goes out to the Coro Versilia who sang wonderful songs and to The Trattoria Gatto Nero for the wonderful buffet they served and to the Ristorante Le Tre Terrazze for bringing the chilled Prosecco and wine.

A thank you to Stefano De Franceschi for taking these pictures.

In this picture, from left to right: Domenico Lombardi, the Mayor of Pietrasanta, Giuseppe Cordoni, the noted art critic, and me, Maria Gamundi. Behind me, two of my friends, Gabriella Pascquini, and Silvina Spravkin.

The lovely Cristiana from the Trattoria Gatto Nero serving the delicacies.