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Today I post a picture of an earlier sculpture – it’s of “Claudia” and it’s White Carrara Marble.

I live and work in Pietrasanta, Italy which is famous for its marble studios and bronze foundries.
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I’ve been working with the Mariani Foundry for 27 years. They’ve produced all of the bronze sculptures I’ve done over these years.

The Mariani Foundry is run by Adolfo and Nicola Agolini, father and son. The foundry, located in Pietrasanta, is one of the best in the world, they work for important international artists, such as Botero, Mitoraj, and Hanneke Beaumont, among others.

By tradition the artigiani start young, as apprentices, in the marble laboratories and bronze foundries in Pietrasanta – and usually work there their whole lives. I’ve been working with the folks at the Mariani Foundry for so many years that I have seen many of the young workers grow up. They are a wonderful group of people; I think of them as my family.

Click here to see a photogallery of the foundry at work.
The Mariani Foundry is located at:

Via Tre Luci, 51
55045 Pietrasanta (Lucca)

Visit their website for more information about their expert services, which is linked here.

The photo above is is of me at the foundry with a finished bronze – “Bagnante II” with black patina, by Henryk Hetflaisz, visit his website here.
The photo below is of the whole staff – management and the artigiani – the artisan workers – of the foundry. It is by Stefano Baroni, visit his website here.