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The photo above is a photo-montage of a plaster model of “Selene” in the setting of Kettle Pond, Newport News, Virginia. The final sculpture will be two-meters-high and will be carved out of white Carrara marble.

The Newport News Public Art Foundation supports art in public spaces around the city. You can learn more about the sculptures in public spaces sponsored by NNPAF, and “take a tour” on their website, linked here. They are committed to showcasing artworks in public spaces as they believe this affords people a chance to “live” with the art – and art is viewed, in this way, more than art exhibited in museums.

I am delighted by this commission, and am already working on the project. I am currently creating a one-meter-high clay model which will serve for the carving, in marble, of the final sculpture.

What follow are step-by-step photos of the work in progress:


The Armature. In this photo you can see the iron armature being covered with the first layer of clay.


The Clay Model. Additional layers of clay are added guided by the use of pantograph, one of the tools used for making enlargements of sculptures. In this picture you can see the arm of the pantograph taking a reading from the smaller plaster model and then “translating” it to the larger size. This is a mechanical process which only gives a rough approximation of the final sculpture. It is just the first step, the real work is yet to begin…


Working the Clay Model. This is me working on the clay model in my studio in Pietrasanta; this is my chance to perfect and re-create the sculpture in this new size. The enlargement of any work creates issues that affect the whole. I look at each element and make sure that it is harmonious and balanced.

The project, of bringing “Selene” to Newport News is funded entirely by donations from the community. If you would like to contribute, call (757) 369-3014, or email

Visit the Newport News Public Art Foundation website, linked here.


I’m back at work in Pietrasanta on a new sculpture – I’ll post more about this soon – After spending the holidays with my family and friends in Venezuela