I’ve been working on the plaster model (which is 1 meter tall) of my sculpture “Selene” – which has been commissioned by the Newport News Public Art Foundation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe model is finished, and ready to be used for the carving of the 2,20 meter white Carrara marble sculpture, which I will produce here in Pietrasanta.

Here to the side you can see a picture of me putting the finishing touches on the plaster model; above, you can see a picture of the white Carrara marble block that I selected for the sculpture.

This is always a thrilling moment in the process – I can’t wait to start!

Stay tuned for more photos as the sculpture progresses. I’m new to blogging and am interested in hearing your thoughts, dear reader. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below this post.


Newport News Public Art Foundation is sponsoring Maria Gamundi’s “Selene” which is to be installed in Kettle Pond, gazing out over the James River.