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Here is a quick glance at one of my bronze sculpture – in progress. It’s a rare chance to see the work without the final patina, which the capable artigiani at the Mariani Bronze Foundry in Pietrasanta – where the piece was cast – will apply.

Without the patina one can see the fine craftsmanship that the artisans are able to achieve. You can visit the Mariani Foundry website, linked here.

“The Gossipers” is my playful meditation on two figure’s relationship with each others and the space between them. It nearly 2 meters tall and is a private commission.



You can visit my website to see more pictures of my work, linked here.


Pietrasanta’s Virtual Museum of Art and Architecture (M.U.S.A.) has set up a Pinterest page where one can see some rare photos of some of my sculptures.

Visit the page, linked here.

And you can visit M.U.S.A.’s own webpage, linked here.