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I am happy to be represented in the thriving Frederiksberg art scene in Copenhagen at the Gallerie Lorien.

Tina Lorien, the owner, is a charming and knowledgeable person; She has worked in Pietrasanta for many years where she has met a network of international sculptors.

Find out more about Tina and the gallery in an article in the Copenhagen Post, which we link here.

Visit the gallery website, linked here.



Gallerie Lorien
Frydendalsvej 31
DK-1809 Frederiksberg
Tel: +45 53691820
Mobile: +45 53691846
Email: info(a)


I have the pleasure of being one of 18 Artists who live and work in Pietrasanta who are donating  art to support ATMO/FITMO a Venezuelan-Italian organization who helps Venezuelan children with leukemia to get treatment here in Italy.

The work I am donating to benefit ATMO, “Donna Sdraiata” (pictured above) is a terracotta – Maiolica, one-of-a-kind.

The artists participating are:

-Sami Burhan
-Gustavo Aceves
-Gabriela Malvido Oest
-Silvano Cattai
-Ivan Theimer
-Flavia Robalo
-Cynthia Sah
-Nicolas Bertoux
-Benone Olaru
-Valente Cancogni
-Aleksandra Gazda
-Oronzo Ricci
-Vittoria Romei
-Ramona Pucci
-Selene Frosini
-Fabrizio Del Tessa
-Beppe Fazzi
-Maria Gamundi

The charity art exhibition “Art x ATMO”…una mano para la vida…will take place at Agenzia “IKAROA travel and Books” – Via Mazzini 92, Pietrasanta.
The show goes from the 13th until the 21st of December 2014, the opening reception is this Saturday at 18:30.

To find out more information about this wonderful organization you can visit their Facebook page, linked here.