I have the pleasure of being one of 18 Artists who live and work in Pietrasanta who are donating  art to support ATMO/FITMO a Venezuelan-Italian organization who helps Venezuelan children with leukemia to get treatment here in Italy.

The work I am donating to benefit ATMO, “Donna Sdraiata” (pictured above) is a terracotta – Maiolica, one-of-a-kind.

The artists participating are:

-Sami Burhan
-Gustavo Aceves
-Gabriela Malvido Oest
-Silvano Cattai
-Ivan Theimer
-Flavia Robalo
-Cynthia Sah
-Nicolas Bertoux
-Benone Olaru
-Valente Cancogni
-Aleksandra Gazda
-Oronzo Ricci
-Vittoria Romei
-Ramona Pucci
-Selene Frosini
-Fabrizio Del Tessa
-Beppe Fazzi
-Maria Gamundi

The charity art exhibition “Art x ATMO”…una mano para la vida…will take place at Agenzia “IKAROA travel and Books” – Via Mazzini 92, Pietrasanta.
The show goes from the 13th until the 21st of December 2014, the opening reception is this Saturday at 18:30.

To find out more information about this wonderful organization you can visit their Facebook page, linked here.