On the evening of September 8th, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Yemisi Wilson, at Pietrasanta’s Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture, MUSA.

The evening was a lively get-together, and was well attended. We had an opportunity to meet with fans, colleagues and friends;  we were interviewed by Massimo Marsili the Museum Director who asked us about our experiences in Pietrasanta’s sculpture scene. Additional videos and photographs were projected on the Museum’s over-sized screens. Yemisi and I both had several works on exhibit. After the talk we shared a glass of Prosecco in the Museum courtyard. People were touched and very enthusiastic.

Here are some useful links:
My website: www.mariagamundi.it Yemisi Wilson’s website:www.yemisiwilson.com
Musa – Museo Virtuale della Scultura e dell’Architettura’s website: www.musapietrasanta.it/

And the Museum’s facebook page, where you can see more photos. www.facebook.com/musa.pietrasanta/