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Villa Bertelli was the setting of a very special evening featuring art, music and dance together on stage.

The sculpture of Maria Gamundi graced the stage during an evening of arias by a group of excellent singers, see the image of the poster, below, for the full list of participants and sponsors.

The evening was dedicated to Vando D’Angiolo, Luigi Roni, and George Bodnarcine. A big thanks to the Associazione Kreion Versilia, and Alida Berti who helped make this evening of the arts happen.

Thanks also to the Fonderia Mariani.

My new sculpture born during the time in quarantine: “Jaqueline” was inspired by a friend from Cape Verde so I have given my sculpture her name.

I like very much how she wraps her hair in a scarf and her body in a sarong. Filling my studio with Baroque music and working on my clay model helps me during this difficult time of isolation because it keeps me centered.

Hoping to cast this sculpture in bronze in Pietrasanta, as soon as there is a “re-opening.” Sending you all my best during this difficult time. Stay tuned for updates on this sculpture and the fate of art post Covid.

I am thrilled to announce that my bronze sculpture “Sol” has been sold by the Frilli Gallery. The fountain was on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence until yesterday.

Another of the edition will take its place in the gardens of the Four Seasons Hotel as soon as it is completed.

Visit the Frilli Gallery website, linked here.
Visit my website, linked here.

See more pictures in my previous post, linked here.

I’m happy to announce that several of my sculptures are being featured at the Parco della Gerardesca of the Four Seasons Hotel, in Florence.

The Frilli Gallery is presenting my work in this park along with the work of other sculptors, such as Ugo Riva, Bjorn Oxholm Skaarup, Antonio Manzi, Anne Shingleton, among others.

The Four Seasons is located at Borgo Pinti 99, 50121 Firenze, Italy, their phone number is: +39 055 26261.

For more information about the Frilli Gallery, you can visit their website, linked here.

Public Sculpture Commission

I am very pleased to extend an invitation to the inauguration of my latest public sculpture commission.

“Free Spirit, Bearer of Light” is the title of the sculpture; it is in memory of Valentina Prisco, and it is dedicated to all the victims of the road and to the Italian Association of Organ Donors (AIDO). The work is donated to the City of Pietrasanta by Maria Luisa Secchi, Valentina’s mother.

The sculpture is made of Carrara marble and stands three meters and ten centimeters tall. It will be unveiled, in an official ceremony, next Monday at 10:30 am on the Viale Roma – which is the main thoroughfare along the seashore in Focette, Marina di Pietrasanta – on the corner of Via Dalmazia. In attendance will be the Mayor of Pietrasanta, Alberto Stefano Giovannetti, and the sculpture will be blessed by the local priest.

The sculpture will become part of Pietrasanta’s International Park of Contemporary Sculpture, you can find out more about the open-air sculpture park by visiting the Museo dei Bozzetti’s page, linked here.

It would be wonderful to see you all there!

Inauguration of “Free Spirit, Bearer of Light”
Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 10:30am
Viale Roma – corner of Via Dalmazia
Marina di Pietrasanta

Maria Gamundi

Isabella Hutchinson and Axel Stein present a Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art exhibition in New York, featuring works by Lam, Matta, Torres-Garcia, Soto, Aizenberg, Bravo, Szyszlo, R. Soriano, Tamayo, F. Rodriguez, Camargo, Gamundi, Xul Solar, Carreño, Guttero, Chervin, and others.

Isabella Hutchinson and Axel Stein
Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art
Until November 28th
64th between Madison and Park
New York

by appointment only, contact and

Here is a Sneak Peek at my latest Public Art Commission, which will be donated to the city of Pietrasanta.

The sculpture is titled “Spirito Libero, Portatrice di Luce” and is in honor of Valentina Prisco, whose life was taken at 27, by a drunk driver in 2013. The monument is dedicated to all victims of the road and to the Italian Organ Donor Association, A.I.D.O.

The photo depicts the model, which is in gesso – the sculpture, which will stand 2 meters 38 centimeters, and will be carved out of Carrara White Marble.

The monument is scheduled to be inaugurated in the Fall, and will be placed by the Viale a Mare, in Tonfano, Pietrasanta.

This is a recent picture of my marble sculpture Selene – a public commission in Newport News, Virginia. She lives in Kettle Pond, which, as you can see, froze this year.

You can find out more information about the Newport News Public Art Foundation, on their webpage, linked here.

Thanks to Jerry Gammon for sending the photograph, and for his continuous interest in and love for Selene. Visit Jerry’s website, linked here.


Another one of my marble sculptures is to be auctioned at Sotheby’s tomorrow, the 21st of November, 2017.

“Tranquilidad” precedes “Selene” – it is white statuary marble and is 5 1/2 x 4 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. (14 x 12 x 25 cm).  Peace and harmony were the guiding principles of the inspiration for the sculpture.

The auction takes place November 21st, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Time.

You can view the Catalog page on Sotheby’s site, linked here. You can actually bid for the work, in real time, by creating an account on the Sotheby’s site at the link above.


On the evening of September 8th, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Yemisi Wilson, at Pietrasanta’s Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture, MUSA.

The evening was a lively get-together, and was well attended. We had an opportunity to meet with fans, colleagues and friends;  we were interviewed by Massimo Marsili the Museum Director who asked us about our experiences in Pietrasanta’s sculpture scene. Additional videos and photographs were projected on the Museum’s over-sized screens. Yemisi and I both had several works on exhibit. After the talk we shared a glass of Prosecco in the Museum courtyard. People were touched and very enthusiastic.

Here are some useful links:
My website: Yemisi Wilson’s
Musa – Museo Virtuale della Scultura e dell’Architettura’s website:

And the Museum’s facebook page, where you can see more photos.

Eight models from the Museo dei Bozzetti’s collection are on display in Cinquale di Montignoso, in the Comune di Massa, for the “L’ispirazione è il motore di tutto BMW Luxery Excellence Pavilion”.

On exhibit is a Roy Lichtenstein BMW Art Car and a one-of-a-kind prototype. My model (70cm, plaster) of  “The Observers” sculpture is featured alongside models by Giuliano Vangi, Pietro Cascella, Helaine Blumenfeld, Inger Sannes, Kan Yasuda, Igor Mitoraj and Nall.

The exhibition lasts until the 31st of July.

For more information, visit the BMWPavillion site, linked here.

The Museo dei Bozzetti in Pietrasanta has a collection of artists plaster models – and these, in a way, are the prototypes of the finished sculptures. The Museum is a unique glimpse into the creative process, and a wonderful art experience.

Visit the Museo dei Bozzzetti‘s website for more information, linked here.

A special thank you to Chiara Celli, the Director of the Museum, for a wonderful drive!

This is my most recent sculpture commission – I’m happy to share with you pictures of “Sun Worshipper” in her new home. The bronze sculpture was cast by the Mariani Foundry in Pietrasanta.

This sculpture has travelled further than any of my other sculptures taking her all the way to Kuala Lumpur.

I would like to thank my gracious client for the commission, the lovely presentation – and the photographs.



maria-gamundi-modern-art-sothebys-auction“Sasso”, one of my Statuario marble sculptures was sold for the estimated price at Sotheby’s “Latin America: Modern Art Auction” held in New York today. The sale total of the Auction was $20,981,125 ; the Auction highlights included works by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera,  Rufino Tamayo, Wilfredo Lam, and Fernando Botero. Rufino Tamayo’s “Sandías y naranja”, which hung in Audrey Hepburn’s living room sold for $2,292,500.

I was so happy and proud to see the sculpture beautifully displayed in Sotheby’s New York gallery.

Click on the images to enlarge, and click here for more details of Sotheby’s “Latin America: Modern Art Auction”.



Web“Sasso,” one of my most-sought-after marble sculptures is on the market again. A Private Collector is auctioning off the 20x43x28cm Statuary Marble sculpture at Sotheby’s “Latin America: Modern Art Auction” which will be held in New York, the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Maria Gamundí’s “Sasso” is Lot 157, and is featured on page 135 of the Catalog.

Click on the Catalog cover to the right, or here, to leaf through the Sotheby’s Auction Catalog.

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I am very happy to be part of a new initiative in the Comune di Camaiore: “Le Fontane d’Arte” project foresees the placing of sculptures at many fountains, and lavatoi, (ancient wash basins) in the Comune.

Many international artists are contributing their works alongside Italian sculptors. The stated goal of the project is for each artist to intervene – without being invasive – by creating and donating a water-themed sculpture. A catalog is in the works, as is a map of all of the artworks.

My sculpture depicts a young woman floating in water. The photo above shows the bronze without the patina.

My sculpture will grace the little water-fountain by the Cemetery of Monteggiori.

Stay tuned for more news and pictures as the project develops.


Here is another photo of “Selene” in Newport News. The piece was commissioned by the Public Art Foundation of Newport News, and is one of the sculptures placed by the Foundation in and around Newport News.

Find out more about the Foundation, by visiting their website, linked here. For a complete list of sculptures , visit the webpage, linked here.

The photo is by Newport News-based photographer Beata Whitehead.



Here is a photo of “Awakening” – one of my marble pieces – in its present location.

The owners have decided to relocate to an apartment and have decided to put “Awakening” on the market…

Any takers?


I have the pleasure to announce that 18 of my marble and bronze sculptures are on view at

the Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery in Verbier, CH, until April, 2016.

The larger works are on display on the prize winning terrace of the
Chalet D’Adrian Hotel.

Visit the gallery web site, linked here.

The photo of the marble “Bather II” and of the “Dreaming Repose” in bronze are from the

Chalet D’Adrien’s Facebook page.

Visit the Chalet D’Adrien’s web site, linked here.



Bel-Air Fine Art
Place Centrale 4
CH – 1936 Verbier
+41 (0)27 7712089


Un articolo de il Tirreno di Domenico Lombardi, ex-Sindaco di Pietrasanta.



L’infanzia a Caracas, l’adolescenza tra il Venezuela e gli Stati Uniti, poi a New York l’incontro che le ha cambiato la vita: quello con l’immagine, ritratta in un manifesto, di Pietrasanta. Maria Gamundi, le cui sculture che plasmano corpi femminili hanno conquistato il mondo, racconta così quel momento: «Avevo visto il nome di Pietrasanta nel 1972, su un manifesto al Prat Institute a New York. Era il programma per uno stage in Versilia, aperto agli studenti dell’Istituto. Era importante venire per maturare crediti per la laurea, fare esperienza nella lavorazione del marmo e conoscere i grandi scultori. Quel manifesto – dice l’artista a cui il mese scorso il Circolo Fratelli Rosselli ha assegnato il venticinquesimo premio internazionale di scultura “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo” – ha cambiato il destino della mia vita. Il programma era abbastanza costoso e io ero una di cinque figli. Con la New York State University si trovò un’alternativa meno costosa e, assieme alle mie sorelle, sono andata ad Urbino alla Scuola del Libro dove ho imparato incisione. Ma a me piaceva il marmo e il 9 gennaio 1973 sono arrivata a Pietrasanta. Che non ho più lasciato».

Una scelta coraggiosa. Che ambiente hai trovato?

«Sono andata subito all’Istituto d’arte Stagio Stagi. Incontrai Lido Bovecchi che insegnava nella scuola e mi disse “ma tu vieni da un’Università, non puoi tornare indietro in un Istituto. Vieni a lavorare con me nel mio studio”. Mi offrì uno spazio, il marmo e gli strumenti. Così ho cominciato a “farmi il braccio”. In quegli anni erano poche le ragazze che venivano ad imparare. Ho incontrato una generosità e disponibilità unica in Lido ma anche in tutti gli altri artigiani che ho conosciuto. Parlavo, oltre l’inglese, lo spagnolo italianizzato così riuscivo a farmi capire. In quei mesi conobbi Earl Neiman, artista anche lui, che divenne mio marito. Dopo una parentesi di circa tre anni e mezzo a Miesbach (Germania), nel 1976 siamo ritornati con grande gioia in Versilia. Si abitava nella canonica di Monteggiori, dove ho trascorso trentacinque anni della mia vita. Abbiamo affittato uno spazio nello studio Antonucci per poi lavorare la terracotta alla bottega Versiliese dove si facevano anche fusioni. Ho conosciuto poi la fonderia Mariani dove da trenta anni lavoro il bronzo. Ho scolpito il marmo alla bottega Versiliese, quindi allo studio Giannoni sino a quando, nel 1999, ho acquistato un piccolo studio. In quegli anni si respirava un’atmosfera straordinaria. Erano affascinanti i laboratori in via del Teatro dove gli artigiani e gli operai fischiavano e cantavano. Mi accoglievano con gentilezza e grande disponibilità di ascolto. Si beveva un bicchiere di vino e ti facevano partecipe del progetto in corso. Belle erano le feste che venivano fatte alla fine di una fusione (ricordo la fonderia Tommasi). Questo clima un po’ si è perso, frutto dell’evoluzione dei tempi».

Come ti trovi nella comunità artistica di Pietrasanta? 

«Bene. Ho molti amici che mi sono affezionati. È cambiato il modo di essere artisti. Negli anni del mio arrivo, dopo il lavoro, gli scultori venivano al bar o all’osteria polverosi per dimostrare che avevano lavorato. Un motivo di vanto. Si parlava della nostra giornata. Pietrasanta oggi è molto cambiata. È certamente più bella, più chic, con molte gallerie e ristoranti; viene molta gente, ma il “sapore di prima” non c’è più. Non si può dire se è meglio o se è peggio perchè è certamente cambiato il gusto delle persone. Talvolta ammirano cose scioccanti. È cambiato il culto del bello e dell’armonia».

Quale è l’artista che ammiri di più?

«Giuliano Vangi. La sua forza artistica esprime il pathos umano in tutte le sue forme: dolcezza, aggressività, odio, amore, morte, disperazione. Vangi emoziona, non puoi rimanere insensibile di fronte alle sue opere, al suo granito. Ti sorprende. È sempre una ricerca».

Se tu fossi responsabile della cultura a Pietrasanta cosa faresti?

«Cercherei di creare ancora più opportunità agli artisti che vengono, vivono e lavorano qui. Ulteriore possibilità di spazi espositivi. Le gallerie qui espongono generalmente opere realizzate fuori di qua, anche se ci sono alcune eccezioni. Continuerei ad allargare il parco della scultura su tutto il territorio e sarebbe bello potere realizzare il Museo di Arte Contemporanea con le opere che i molti artisti di Pietrasanta potrebbero donare. Bellissimo il Museo dei Bozzetti».

Quale è il fascino della piccola Atene?

«Essere una città a misura di uomo, con una piazza meravigliosa e la rocca alle spalle. Ti invita alla contemplazione. La zona a traffico limitato nel centro storico ha portato grandi risultati, come vivere nei suoi spazi la città camminando a piedi. Ci sono gallerie importanti, negozi interessanti, ristoranti caratteristici. Si respira un’internazionalità che sta diventando sempre più prestigiosa. Ci sono iniziative culturali di valore come Pietrasanta in concerto del maestro Guttman. In una parola, la qualità della cultura e dei suoi operatori

e, per un’artista, la bravura dei nostri artigiani nelle diverse tipologie di lavoro. Aver saputo realizzare una integrazione di diverse attività che vede, oltre l’artigiano, i formatori, gli incassatori, i trasporti specializzati. Una realtà unica al mondo».


Maria-Gamundi-Pietrasanta-Scultura-2015Maria-GAMUNDI-Premio-PietrasantaI am very happy and honored to have received this prestigious prize – it means so much to me.

This is the XXV edition of the “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel Mondo” International Sculpture Prize.

I would like to thank Pietrasanta’s administration, the Mayor Massimo Mallegni, il Circolo Fratelli Rosselli and their president Alessandro Tosi, the vice president of Banca Versilia and Garfagnana Corrado Lazzotti, the art critic Giuseppe Cordoni, Domenico Lombardi and all the wonderful artisans that through the years have worked me. A special thanks to the Fonderia Mariani, to Maestro Enzo Pasquini, Nicola Stagetti, Ulderigo e Alberto Giannoni, Sergio e Marco Giannoni, Ivo Poli, Giovanni Gherarducci, Alessandro Maggi and also a “Grazie di Cuore”a Valentina Fogher e Chiara Celli from the city’s cultural offices.

I would like to thank everyone that participated at the ceremony and to all of you who have expressed your support from afar.

Grazie Pietrasanta!


Here are some press clippings of the event.

“Premiata Maria Gamundi, a lei il XXV premio di scultura internazionale “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo””
Lo Schermo

““Porto sempre la Versilia nel cuore” una commossa Maria Gamundi ha ricevuto il Premio “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo””

“A Maria Gamundi il Premio Fratelli Rosselli”

“La venezuelana Gamundi riceve un premio per la scultura”

And linked here is the Circolo Fratelli Rosselli’s webpage devoted to this year’s ceremony.

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I am very honored and happy to have been chosen for the 2015 “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo” International Sculpture Prize.

This is the XXV edition of the prestigios award. It is given every year by the   Circolo Culturale “Fratelli Roselli” to sculptors who through their work promote Pietrasanta’s rich artistic heritage in the world.

Previous winners of the prize are:

invito 21x21 pieghevole 2015.cdr1991 – Ferdinando Botero
1992 – Igor Mitoraj
1993 – Francesco Messina
1994 – Giò Pomodoro
1995 – Kan Yasuda
1996 – Novello Finotti
1997 – Junkyu Muto
1998 – Ivan Theimer
1999 – Bruno Lucchesi
2000 – Giuliano Vangi
2001 – Stanley Bleifield
2002 – Harry Marinsky
2003 – Pietro Cascella
2004 – Jean – Michel Folon
2005 – Romano Cosci
2006 – Helaine Blumenfeld
2007 – Marc Quinn
2008 – Art Shonk – Joseph Sheppard
2009 – Knut Steen
2010 – Giuseppe Bergomi
2011 – Hanneke Beaumont
2012 – Girolamo Ciulla
2013 – Dashi Namdakov
2014 – Ron Mehlman

The art critic Prof. Giuseppe Cordoni will speak about my work. The mayor of Pietrasanta, Massimo Mallegni, and the president of the circolo Alessandro Tosi and the president of the BCC Enzo Stamati will participate. A concert will follow the ceremony.

You are invited to attend the award ceremony which takes place on Sunday,  the 18th of October at 10:15 am in the Chiostro of S. Agostino in Pietrasanta.

Come and join me for this special occasion!



Each year Pietrasanta celebrates its Artigiani, the master craftsmen and women who work together with the artists to produce their visions in ceramics, mosaic, marble and bronze. “Homo Faber, 2015” this year takes place in the beautiful setting of La Versiliana park (some works are also featured at the Pietrasanta Pier).

I’ve worked in Pietrasanta for 40 years and have been lucky to work with and get to know some of the wonderful artisans in the city’s marble studios and bronze foundries. “Homo Faber” is an annual show that pairs artworks by some of the local and international artists who work in Pietrasanta, with the artisans and the laboratories in which they were produced.

This year I am showing three pieces, “Ninfea” (shown at top in the picture above) a bronze sculpture which was produced by the Mariani Foundry, “The Observers” – this is a 70cm high gesso model, which is in the collection of the Museo dei Bozzetti, and a “Selene” in porcelain produced in the ceramics studio of Ivo Poli, all located in Pietrasanta.

Visit the Fonderia Mariani website, for more info, linked here.
Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti website to learn more about their collections, linked here.
Visit the Ceramiche Poli website, for more info, linked here.

And you can visit my website to see more of my work, linked here.

Homo Faber 2015
from the 2nd of August to the 13th of September, 2015
La Versiliana park (and the Pietrasanta Pier)
Marina di Pietrasanta


Click on the photo above to enlarge it.

Here are some photos from the inauguration of my sculpture “Sun Worshipper” which took place last Saturday, the 30th of May, 2015. It was a great honor for me and I would like to thank Domenico Lombardi, Mayor of Pietrasanta, Italo Viti Pietrasanta Council member, Valentina Fogher, exhibition consultant for the City of Art, and everyone who came to the celebration. Many international sculptors – friends of mine – came to participate, along with some of the best artigiani who work in Pietrasanta. A special thank you to the Fonderia Mariani, the bronze foundry with whom I’ve worked for, for over 30 years and whose staff have become family to me.

“Sun Worshipper” (Adoratrice del Sole) is now part of the Parco Internazionale della Scultura Contemporanea Città di Pietrasanta, which is an impressive collection of works by international sculptors. You can find out more about the International Sculpture Park at the Museo dei Bozzetti’s website, linked here. Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti’s blog, linked here, for up-to-date information.

Thank you Pietrasanta!

I wrote a thank you note in Italian, which I share with you here:
“E’ stato per me una grande gioia ed un grande onore donare una mia scultura a Pietrasanta, una città che mi ha dato tanto. L’inaugurazione della scultura è stata meravigliosa! Grazie al Sindaco Domenico Lombardi, all’Amministrazione Comunale, all’Assessore Italo Viti, a Valentina Fogher, alla Fonderia Mariani, a tutti i miei cari amici scultori, artigiani, studenti del Liceo Artistico “Stagio Stagi”, al Coro Versilia e a tutti quanti che così numerosi hanno assistito all’inaugurazione. Ringrazio anche per il prezioso supporto all’iniziativa RestauroItalia di Camaiore, Autotraporti Maggi e la ditta Fracassini. Grazie Pietrasanta!”

The photos are by Colomba d’Apolito – thank you Colomba – you can see more of her photography on her website, linked here.



I am honored and happy to announce that my bronze sculpture,
“Sun Worshipper” will find it’s new home in front of the Comune di Pietrasanta.

You are all invited to attend the inaugural ceremony which takes place
on May 30th 2015 at 12:00 noon. Mayor Domenico Lombardi will preside over the ceremony.

“Sun Worshipper” will become part of Pietrasanta’s wonderful International Park of Contemporary Sculpture. To find out more information about the Sculpture Park, visit the Museo dei Bozzetti’s” web page, linked here.

“Sun Worshipper” Inauguration
Piazza Matteotti
Saturday, May 30th, at 12:00 noon



The exhibition “Le Forme della Differenza” at the Palazzo Ducale di Massa had a wonderful opening reception. Giuseppe Capozzolo of Arte 33, an arts television program made a very nice video of the reception, which you can see by clicking on the link bellow.



Thanks to landmark photographer Jerry Gammon who keeps good track of “Selene” in all seasons and weather conditions, we can now admire her in glorious spring.

“Selene” was sculpted in Pietrasanta, Italy and now resides in Kettle Pond, Newport News, Virginia.

For more information about the Newport News Public Art Foundation visit their web site linked here. To see more of Jerry Gammon’s photography visit his facebook page linked here.


I am happy to participate in “Le Forme della Differenza” exhibition, which starts tomorrow, April 30th, in Massa.

Pictured above is “Equilibrio” one of my works exhibited in the show.

Sixteen women artists are showing three marble sculptures each. The artists, hail from all over the world, and many work in Pietrasanta.

Christien Sielcken (NL), Cinthya Sah (Hong Kong), Elisa Corsini (I), Flavia Robalo (Arg.) Marta Cadonici (I), Inger Sannes (S), Julia Vance (N), Lucilla Gattini (I), Margot Homan (NL), Maria Gamundi (Ven.), Morgana Orsetta Ghini (I), Sarah Atzeni (I), Silvina Spravkin (Arg.), Sofy (F), Veronica Fonzo (Arg.), Virginia Tentindo (F).

The opening reception is TOMORROW, Thursday, the 30th of April at 6pm, and the show is in the beautiful Palazzo Ducale in nearby Massa.


“Le Forme della Differenza”
International sculpture exhibition
From the 30th of April, to the 7th of June, 2015.
Hours: from 10am to 1pm, and from 4pm to 7pm everyday except Tuesday.
Palazzo Ducale – Piazza Aranci

Fog“Selene” rests on Kettle Pond in Newport News surrounded by ice and fog early Wednesday morning. The 7-foot, 8,455-pound figure was sculpted by Italian artist Maria Gamundi, photograph by Adrin Snider.

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Landmark photographer Jerry Gammon keeps a watchful eye on my marble sculpture “Selene” in Kettle Pond, Newport News, Virginia and recently has sent me this wintery image of “Selene”. To quote Jerry Gammon, “Everyone is intrigued by Selene. They interpret her in so many different ways…that is a tribute to your artistry”.You can see Jerry Gammon’s web site: linked here.