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My new sculpture born during the time in quarantine: “Jaqueline” was inspired by a friend from Cape Verde so I have given my sculpture her name.

I like very much how she wraps her hair in a scarf and her body in a sarong. Filling my studio with Baroque music and working on my clay model helps me during this difficult time of isolation because it keeps me centered.

Hoping to cast this sculpture in bronze in Pietrasanta, as soon as there is a “re-opening.” Sending you all my best during this difficult time. Stay tuned for updates on this sculpture and the fate of art post Covid.

This is one of my favorite monumental sculptures: “The Observers,” in bronze, and in my opinion the client placed it in the perfect setting.

Visit the Royal British Society of Sculptors’ webpage, where you can see a selection of my works in bronze and in marble, linked here.

Visit my website, linked here, and contact me (mlgamundi at to discuss any monumental commission project.

Visit the Fonderia Artistica Mariani’s website, linked here.

I am thrilled to announce that my bronze sculpture “Sol” has been sold by the Frilli Gallery. The fountain was on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence until yesterday.

Another of the edition will take its place in the gardens of the Four Seasons Hotel as soon as it is completed.

Visit the Frilli Gallery website, linked here.
Visit my website, linked here.

See more pictures in my previous post, linked here.

This is my most recent sculpture commission – I’m happy to share with you pictures of “Sun Worshipper” in her new home. The bronze sculpture was cast by the Mariani Foundry in Pietrasanta.

This sculpture has travelled further than any of my other sculptures taking her all the way to Kuala Lumpur.

I would like to thank my gracious client for the commission, the lovely presentation – and the photographs.



I am very happy to be part of a new initiative in the Comune di Camaiore: “Le Fontane d’Arte” project foresees the placing of sculptures at many fountains, and lavatoi, (ancient wash basins) in the Comune.

Many international artists are contributing their works alongside Italian sculptors. The stated goal of the project is for each artist to intervene – without being invasive – by creating and donating a water-themed sculpture. A catalog is in the works, as is a map of all of the artworks.

My sculpture depicts a young woman floating in water. The photo above shows the bronze without the patina.

My sculpture will grace the little water-fountain by the Cemetery of Monteggiori.

Stay tuned for more news and pictures as the project develops.


I have the pleasure to announce that 18 of my marble and bronze sculptures are on view at

the Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery in Verbier, CH, until April, 2016.

The larger works are on display on the prize winning terrace of the
Chalet D’Adrian Hotel.

Visit the gallery web site, linked here.

The photo of the marble “Bather II” and of the “Dreaming Repose” in bronze are from the

Chalet D’Adrien’s Facebook page.

Visit the Chalet D’Adrien’s web site, linked here.



Bel-Air Fine Art
Place Centrale 4
CH – 1936 Verbier
+41 (0)27 7712089



Click on the photo above to enlarge it.

Here are some photos from the inauguration of my sculpture “Sun Worshipper” which took place last Saturday, the 30th of May, 2015. It was a great honor for me and I would like to thank Domenico Lombardi, Mayor of Pietrasanta, Italo Viti Pietrasanta Council member, Valentina Fogher, exhibition consultant for the City of Art, and everyone who came to the celebration. Many international sculptors – friends of mine – came to participate, along with some of the best artigiani who work in Pietrasanta. A special thank you to the Fonderia Mariani, the bronze foundry with whom I’ve worked for, for over 30 years and whose staff have become family to me.

“Sun Worshipper” (Adoratrice del Sole) is now part of the Parco Internazionale della Scultura Contemporanea Città di Pietrasanta, which is an impressive collection of works by international sculptors. You can find out more about the International Sculpture Park at the Museo dei Bozzetti’s website, linked here. Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti’s blog, linked here, for up-to-date information.

Thank you Pietrasanta!

I wrote a thank you note in Italian, which I share with you here:
“E’ stato per me una grande gioia ed un grande onore donare una mia scultura a Pietrasanta, una città che mi ha dato tanto. L’inaugurazione della scultura è stata meravigliosa! Grazie al Sindaco Domenico Lombardi, all’Amministrazione Comunale, all’Assessore Italo Viti, a Valentina Fogher, alla Fonderia Mariani, a tutti i miei cari amici scultori, artigiani, studenti del Liceo Artistico “Stagio Stagi”, al Coro Versilia e a tutti quanti che così numerosi hanno assistito all’inaugurazione. Ringrazio anche per il prezioso supporto all’iniziativa RestauroItalia di Camaiore, Autotraporti Maggi e la ditta Fracassini. Grazie Pietrasanta!”

The photos are by Colomba d’Apolito – thank you Colomba – you can see more of her photography on her website, linked here.



I am honored and happy to announce that my bronze sculpture,
“Sun Worshipper” will find it’s new home in front of the Comune di Pietrasanta.

You are all invited to attend the inaugural ceremony which takes place
on May 30th 2015 at 12:00 noon. Mayor Domenico Lombardi will preside over the ceremony.

“Sun Worshipper” will become part of Pietrasanta’s wonderful International Park of Contemporary Sculpture. To find out more information about the Sculpture Park, visit the Museo dei Bozzetti’s” web page, linked here.

“Sun Worshipper” Inauguration
Piazza Matteotti
Saturday, May 30th, at 12:00 noon



I am happy to be represented in the thriving Frederiksberg art scene in Copenhagen at the Gallerie Lorien.

Tina Lorien, the owner, is a charming and knowledgeable person; She has worked in Pietrasanta for many years where she has met a network of international sculptors.

Find out more about Tina and the gallery in an article in the Copenhagen Post, which we link here.

Visit the gallery website, linked here.



Gallerie Lorien
Frydendalsvej 31
DK-1809 Frederiksberg
Tel: +45 53691820
Mobile: +45 53691846
Email: info(a)

The Wall Street International website has a piece on the ongoing Leicester Botanical Gardens International Sculpture exhibition. It features two photos of my “Ninfea” bronze sculpture, by photographer Steve Russell. Alan Cane writes: “Across the pond, Maria Gamundi’s NINFEA, brings us an enchanting detailed image of a nude women floating amongst water lilies. Finely finished, this is a delicate romantic work which provides a memorable finale as we leave the arbour.”

The exhibition continues until the 26th of October, 2014.

WSI_10_Maria_Gamundi_Ninfea_-_Copia_05224e_mlThe article opens with these paragraphs: “In straitened times, power of sculpture to inspire is explored at outdoor exhibition free and open to the public •World-class artists come together in Leicester for exhibition dedicated to Professor Sir Robert Burgess, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester,
•45 sculptures by 33 internationally-renowned artists on display in 16-acre award-winning garden
‘A public exhibition shouldn’t be self-indulgent, it should be an effort to enrich people’s lives. Sculpture has a way of energising people – and I want to bring that to Leicester’- Helaine Blumenfeld OBE

Wet weather has turned the Botanical gardens in Leicester, UK, into lush, green areas which become backgrounds for this year’s captivating exhibition (June 15 to October 26.) The drama created by a large number of monumental bronze and marble sculptures joins the voices of smaller works which carry with them more delicate marks. The variety of materials and styles offers a sense of grace and power which stem from the artists’ preoccupation with ideas, intimations and materials. Its shapes and rhythms can, almost always, be read without complicated explanations.”

Read the rest of the article, and see more pictures from the show, on the WSI website, linked here.


I have several sculptures exhibited at the “Espressioni dell’Anima” show. The show is curated by Simona Pesetti and features the work of other sculptors, photographers and painters.

Espressioni dell'anima-inaugurazione-PietrasantaThe exhibition continues until the 10th of August, 2014; the gallery hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm and from 6pm to midnight.

The statue of “Selene” pictured below is made of Maiolica. It was produced in the ceramics shop of Ivo Poli, in Pietrasanta.

The gallery space is located at Via 1 Maggio, number 8, in Pietrasanta. For more information about the exhibition, call (+39) 329 6705340




I posted previously about “The Gossipers” – one of my monumental bronze sculptures which I produced at the Mariani Foundry in Pietrasanta, and you can read about it and see pictures by clicking here.

Maria-Gamundi-SculptorThese are photos of the private commission in its final location. I have several monumental bronze sculptures in private collections in the United States, England, the Netherlands, Italy and elsewhere. I get great satisfaction from seeing my works in their new homes, because they take on a new life – it is always amazing to me to see how naturally they sit in their new settings, as if they’d always been there.


The photos are by Rafael Rodriguez.


The Botanical Gardens of Leicester University are a perfect setting for “Ninfea”.

“Ninfea” is one of my recent monumental bronze sculptures. I took this photo at the inauguration of this exhibition on June 14th.

The exhibition, curated by Helaine Blumenfeld, features the work of many internationally known artists, many are friends and colleagues of mine who also work in Pietrasanta.

The show, The visionary Landscape of Professor Sir Robert Burgess, continues until the 26th of October 2014.


Maria-Gamundi-Le-Cicogne-Ristorante-PizzeriaThe beach season is just beginning in earnest, and I have several pieces on “exhibit” at the “Le Cicogne” Restaurant and Pizzeria in Torre del Lago. There’s my Bather in Carrara marble – as well as other marbles and bronzes.

There’s a welcoming toast tonight at 7:30pm – and you, dear readers, are invited to come celebrate!

And in the smaller picture to the side you can see me and the affable Angelo Pezzini, the restaurant manager. We link to the “Le Cicogne” fb page, where you can see more pictures of the work – as well as dramatic pictures of the installation.

“Le Cicogne”
Restaurant and Pizzeria
Viale JF Kennedy, 18
Torre del Lago
Phone: 0584 342321



“Ninfea,” one of my monumental bronze sculptures will take part in “Sculpture in the Garden, 2014” exhibition at the Harold Martin Botanical Gardens, at the University of Leicester.

The photo above was taken by Stefano Baroni, when the sculpture was exhibited at the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta for the ARBS Sculpture Exhibition in 2011.

The sculpture was cast at the Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta. You can visit the Mariani Foundry website, linked here.

“Sculpture in the Garden, 2014”
Sunday, June 15th to Sunday, the 26th of October, 2014
Harold Martin Botanical Gardens,
University of Leicester.

For Hours and Directions, visit the University of Leicester’s webpage, linked here.


Here is a quick glance at one of my bronze sculpture – in progress. It’s a rare chance to see the work without the final patina, which the capable artigiani at the Mariani Bronze Foundry in Pietrasanta – where the piece was cast – will apply.

Without the patina one can see the fine craftsmanship that the artisans are able to achieve. You can visit the Mariani Foundry website, linked here.

“The Gossipers” is my playful meditation on two figure’s relationship with each others and the space between them. It nearly 2 meters tall and is a private commission.



You can visit my website to see more pictures of my work, linked here.

I’ve been working with the Mariani Foundry for 27 years. They’ve produced all of the bronze sculptures I’ve done over these years.

The Mariani Foundry is run by Adolfo and Nicola Agolini, father and son. The foundry, located in Pietrasanta, is one of the best in the world, they work for important international artists, such as Botero, Mitoraj, and Hanneke Beaumont, among others.

By tradition the artigiani start young, as apprentices, in the marble laboratories and bronze foundries in Pietrasanta – and usually work there their whole lives. I’ve been working with the folks at the Mariani Foundry for so many years that I have seen many of the young workers grow up. They are a wonderful group of people; I think of them as my family.

Click here to see a photogallery of the foundry at work.
The Mariani Foundry is located at:

Via Tre Luci, 51
55045 Pietrasanta (Lucca)

Visit their website for more information about their expert services, which is linked here.

The photo above is is of me at the foundry with a finished bronze – “Bagnante II” with black patina, by Henryk Hetflaisz, visit his website here.
The photo below is of the whole staff – management and the artigiani – the artisan workers – of the foundry. It is by Stefano Baroni, visit his website here.

The television station Reteversilia covered my sculpture exhibition – the reportage is by Jacopo Mencuccini and is edited by Amine Boufaranne.

“Marmo & Bronzo” my solo sculpture show of works in marble and bronze, goes until the 14th of October, 2012 in the Sala Grasce in the complex of Sant’Agostino.

Art Basel Miami is one of the most important art shows in the Americas.
This year it runs from December 6th through 9th 2012.

Miami is a wonderful city and a vibrant art center, but it really comes alive for one of the world’s pre-eminent art events: Art Basel Miami. When you’re in Miami, make sure to visit the Artspace Virginia Miller Galleries!

I have a series of nudes – sculptures in marble, terracotta and bronze available through Virginia Miller – this is a link to my page on Artspace Virginia Miller Galleries.

ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries
169 Madeira Avenue, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida 33134
tel: 305 444 4493 fax: 305 444 9844
For more information:

Here is a link to Art Basel Miami Beach.

And here is a link to my website.

There are 10 more days to see my solo sculpture exibition in Pietrasanta’s Sala delle Grasce. There are 19 sculptures in marble and bronze on view in “Maria Gamundi, Marmo & Bronzo.” I am showing some work for the first time: one is: “Abbraccio” (Embrace) is a composition featuring a couple in a loving embrace. It is made out of statuary marble from Monte Altissimo. Other works are my “Ninfea,” a large format bronze sculpture –  as well as some of my “Bathers,” a series of nudes.

The show closes the 14th of October (below are the hours.) Contact me via email if you would like to see the exhibition during other hours, by appointment.
My email address is mlgamundi (at) Yahoo (dot) it

The show is open from 4:30pm to 8pm. And on weekends also from 10am to 12:30pm. Closed Mondays.

I publish a series of photos from the exhibition – there’s more to see!

Maria Gamundi
“Marmo & Bronzo”
Until October 14th, 2012
In the Sala Grasce
For more information contact: tel: +39 0584 795500


Read the rest of this entry »

By Valeria Caldelli,
La Nazione

Maria Gamundí’s art is altogether feminine. Not only because she is a woman but because her constant search for harmony and beauty passes almost exclusively through the female form – women, whose bodies communicate a universe that tends towards perfection, where the curves smooth out all the angles and the shapes render light and almost “levitate” heavy materials such as marble and bronze. “Yes, it is true, men are not very present in my repertoire. Only sometimes I have sculpted them and they have come out as saints or devils …” Maria Gamundí smiles in her studio in the foothills of Camaiore – near Pietrasanta – surrounded by dozens of women, a bit languid, a little intriguing – always luscious and serene. They are all ready for her upcoming show “Marmo & Bronzo” which opens September 15, at the Sala Grasce in the cultural center Luigi Russo in Pietrasanta – and which will remain open until October 14. “I believe that the human body, male or female, young or old, is a perfect creation. I use the female body only because I feel closer to it, even if it is never an exact copy of the real. I always try to simplify the forms looking for the harmony that I am searching for.”

Maria Gamundí has lived for years in Pietrasanta, but her origins are half Venezuelan and half Catalan, as revealed by the accent on the “í” of her last name, such as is found in Miró, Gaudí, Dalí. Almost a trademark, or a mark of destiny, for an artist who also has painters in her family. But she has chosen sculpture, three-dimensional creation to give life to the beauty that is the soul of her art. “In the world of contemporary art there is often an attempt to attack, to shock the public,” she says. “I believe that instead we should surround ourselves with beauty, with the good things, so, through my work, I try to evoke harmony and peace. Whatever the trends are, I can only create what I feel and what comes spontaneously from my hands are images that represent my ideal of beauty.”

So who is the real artist, he who upsets us or he who caresses us, he who slaps us or he who takes us by the hand? “For me, art is everything that ignites emotion,” is the answer. “A work of art is one that surprises you, transports you, engages you, beckons you, moves you. I, for one, love Vangi because he conveys humanity. He is a sculptor, but he is also a poet. It does not matter whether something is beautiful or ugly. You can make a beautiful object, but if it doesn’t touch the emotions it is not art. ”

That’s why Maria Gamundí embues her women with the breath of life. “I’m very much a perfectionist,” she says. “Every step is a continuous reworking and I continue to work until I am satisfied, until I feel that the sculpture is alive. Only then I know I’m done.”

But an artist is never finished. And Maria Gamundí is always looking for new challenges which propel her creations from one material to another. Thus, “Marmo & Bronzo” is the title of her upcoming exhibition which offers us a close comparison between identical forms molded in different materials. And the artist comments: “Only their shape is the same, their lives are completely different.”

Visit the artist’s website here:

PIETRASANTA – É stato un grande successo, l’inaugurazione della mostra di sculture “Marmo & Bronzo” di Maria Gamundi, sabato 15 settembre nella Sala delle Grasce a Pietrasanta. C’é stato una grande partecipazione del pubblico – dei cittadini di Pietrasanta, di artisti e di amici della scultrice. Il Sindaco Domenico Lombardi ha dato il via alle festività che hanno anche visto il Coro Versilia partecipare – con musica – alla mostra che celebra la vita d’artista che Maria Gamundi ha passato nell’ambito artistico di Pietrasanta. La scultrice Venezuelana ha vissuto in Versilia ed ha lavorato nei laboratori di marmo e nelle fonderie di bronzo della Piccola Atene, per quasi quarant’anni. Le sue sculture sono una ode consapevole alla bellezza delle forme femminili, le sue statue sono inconfondibili; candide, luminose ed estremamente eleganti, sono donne distese, meditative, immerse. Con forme arrotondite, quasi astratte con spunti e finiture realistiche; in marmo le superfici sono lievigate quasi all’improbabile e i bronzi sono patinati fino a renderli specchi di una bellezza interiore condivisa con lo spettatore.

La mostra “Maria Gamundi, Marmo & Bronzo” continua fino al 14 ottobre, 2012, nella Sala delle Grasce,

Ingresso gratuito.

Per informazioni contattate: 0584 795500 – e-mail

(via Viareggino,com)

I’m excited to post about details of the vernissage for my solo sculpture exhibition, “Maria Gamundi, Marmo & Bronzo” which is happening at 6pm this Saturday the 15th of September, 2012, in the Sala delle Grasce in Pietrasanta.

The Coro Versilia of Capezzano Monte will be present and will sing several beautiful pieces to kick off the festivities. There will be refreshments offered. The Trattoria Gatto Nero will provide platters of yummy gourmet specialties, and the Ristorante Tre Terrazze will provide the Prosecco and the wine. The picture above is of one of my pieces – “Ninfea” – which will be on display – from

The Gatto Nero is a charming trattoria in Pietrasanta. We link to their website here.

The Tre Terrazze is a restaurant in the little medieval village of Monteggiori – where I lived and had a studio for many years – in the hills overlooking Pietrasanta, and we link to their website here.

I extend my sincere appreciation to both for their support – GRAZIE!

You are invited!

Come see my show and meet with my friends, other artists and share a glass of Prosecco and a delicacy!

Maria Gamundi
“Marmo & Bronzo”
From September 15th to October 14th, 2012
In the Sala Grasce
For more information contact: tel: +39 0584 795500

This is my sculpture “Awakening” – I made this one after I sculpted “Conforto,” which was another nude, a very self-contained and inwardly set piece – whereas “Awakening” is open… hopeful; she celebrates the dawning of the new day.

In the photo above, I am working on the clay model, in my studio – below you can see the two versions I made – one in Marmo statuario, Statuary Marble, and the other in bronze. These two were made in the marble studios and bronze foundries of Pietrasanta, the charming little city on Tuscany’s northwestern coast, known as “Italy’s Little Athens,” for its artistic life.

You can visit my website here:

I am having a solo sculpture exhibition starting next week! “Awakening” will not be in the show, but there’ll be other new and older works in marble and in bronze. Be sure to check back for details! The show is called “Maria Gamundi, Marmo & Bronzo” and it’s at the Sala Grasce in Pietrasanta. The opening – of which I’ll give you more details soon, is this Saturday the 15th of September at 6pm.

My exhibition, called “Maria Gamundí, Marmo & Bronzo” starts on September 15th and goes through October 14th, 2012 – in the Sala Grasce, next to the Church of Sant’Agostino.

The opening reception is at 6pm on September 15th.
I’ll post more details as we get closer to the date. In the meantime you can always see more of my work on my website linked here.

 I look forward to seeing you all there!

Pietrasanta featured a show this summer – called “La memoria della Pietra” – it’s a celebration of the artists and artisans who work in the laboratories and foundries in Pietrasanta. I was interviewed – along with many other people – and the interviews have been repeatedly projected on the walls of the buildings in Pietrasanta’s historic center. I post an excerpt of the longer interview which comes from the show’s youtube channel, which we link here.

“La Memoria della Pietra” is directed by Cesare Monti and sponsored by the Comune di Pietrasanta, co-produced by Mataeria in collaboration with “Il Tempo del Sale” cultural association.

This is “The Observers” one of the most sought-after sculptures of mine. It’s an edition of three, with two artist’s copies. I’ve sold all three and one of the artist’s copies … so there’s only one available for sale.

This composition is of three slightly larger than life-size nudes who, while gazing towards the horizon, also contemplate inwardly. They were exhibited for the first time at the international sculpture exhibition  “Boulevard des Sculptures 2002” in Kijkduin, Den Haag, in the Netherlands.

“The Observers” was cast at the Fonderia Artistica Mariani, in Pietrasanta, where I do all my casting.

My work is primarily based on the female figure. I work instinctively trying to give my sculptures life and emotions. Although I find anatomy important I do not copy a model. I simplify the forms to their essence, the abstract qualities such as volume, surface and negative spaces become more important than an exact reproduction. I am a perfectionist, working on the figure from every angle, constantly going over the surface eliminating anything that might detract from the purity of the form without taking away from the power of its expression. To me art has to engage your emotions. This is the difference between art and artistic objects – which may be beautiful and of exquisite manufacture, but remain inert without a life of their own. A sculpture has to have a presence which engages and captures your emotions – and cannot be ignored.

I live and work around Pietrasanta, Italy, which is known for its marble laboratories and bronze foundries.
I am a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and here is a link to my website.

Il mio lavoro si basa soprattutto sulla figura femminile. Lavoro instintivamente cercando di dare alle mie sculture vita ed emozioni. Anche se credo che l’anatomia sia molto importante, non copio il modello. Semplifico le forme fino all’essenza, e le qualitá astratte dei volumi, della superfice e degli spazi negativi diventano, per me, piu importanti di una riproduzione fedele. Sono una perfezionista, e lavoro sulla figura da tutti i profili, continuamente riguardando la superfice eliminando qualsiasi cosa che possa detrarre dalla purezza della forma, senza diminuirne l’impatto espressivo. Per me l’arte deve coinvolgere le emozioni. Questa é la differenza tra l’arte e un oggetto d’arte che puo essere bello e fatto squisitamente, ma rimae un oggetto inerte senza una sua vita propria. Una scultura deve avere una presenza che cattura le emozioni – e non puo essere ignorata. 

Vivo e lavoro a Pietrasanta, Italia, citta conosciuta per i suoi laboratori di marmo e le sue fonderie di bronzo.
Sono membro della Royal British Society of Sculptors, ed ecco un link al mio sito ufficiale.