I have several sculptures exhibited at the “Espressioni dell’Anima” show. The show is curated by Simona Pesetti and features the work of other sculptors, photographers and painters.

Espressioni dell'anima-inaugurazione-PietrasantaThe exhibition continues until the 10th of August, 2014; the gallery hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm and from 6pm to midnight.

The statue of “Selene” pictured below is made of Maiolica. It was produced in the ceramics shop of Ivo Poli, in Pietrasanta.

The gallery space is located at Via 1 Maggio, number 8, in Pietrasanta. For more information about the exhibition, call (+39) 329 6705340





I posted previously about “The Gossipers” – one of my monumental bronze sculptures which I produced at the Mariani Foundry in Pietrasanta, and you can read about it and see pictures by clicking here.

Maria-Gamundi-SculptorThese are photos of the private commission in its final location. I have several monumental bronze sculptures in private collections in the United States, England, the Netherlands, Italy and elsewhere. I get great satisfaction from seeing my works in their new homes, because they take on a new life – it is always amazing to me to see how naturally they sit in their new settings, as if they’d always been there.


The photos are by Rafael Rodriguez.


The Botanical Gardens of Leicester University are a perfect setting for “Ninfea”.

“Ninfea” is one of my recent monumental bronze sculptures. I took this photo at the inauguration of this exhibition on June 14th.

The exhibition, curated by Helaine Blumenfeld, features the work of many internationally known artists, many are friends and colleagues of mine who also work in Pietrasanta.

The show, The visionary Landscape of Professor Sir Robert Burgess, continues until the 26th of October 2014.


Maria-Gamundi-Le-Cicogne-Ristorante-PizzeriaThe beach season is just beginning in earnest, and I have several pieces on “exhibit” at the “Le Cicogne” Restaurant and Pizzeria in Torre del Lago. There’s my Bather in Carrara marble – as well as other marbles and bronzes.

There’s a welcoming toast tonight at 7:30pm – and you, dear readers, are invited to come celebrate!

And in the smaller picture to the side you can see me and the affable Angelo Pezzini, the restaurant manager. We link to the “Le Cicogne” fb page, where you can see more pictures of the work – as well as dramatic pictures of the installation.

“Le Cicogne”
Restaurant and Pizzeria
Viale JF Kennedy, 18
Torre del Lago
Phone: 0584 342321



“Ninfea,” one of my monumental bronze sculptures will take part in “Sculpture in the Garden, 2014” exhibition at the Harold Martin Botanical Gardens, at the University of Leicester.

The photo above was taken by Stefano Baroni, when the sculpture was exhibited at the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta for the ARBS Sculpture Exhibition in 2011.

The sculpture was cast at the Fonderia Artistica Mariani in Pietrasanta. You can visit the Mariani Foundry website, linked here.

“Sculpture in the Garden, 2014”
Sunday, June 15th to Sunday, the 26th of October, 2014
Harold Martin Botanical Gardens,
University of Leicester.

For Hours and Directions, visit the University of Leicester’s webpage, linked here.


Here is a magical photograph of “Selene” under the full moon, in her home at Kettle Pond, Virginia. The sculpture, made of Carrara marble, is a commission by the Newport News Public Art Foundation, and was carved in Pietrasanta.

The photo was sent to me by Jerry Gammon, (thanks Jerry!)


Here is a quick glance at one of my bronze sculpture – in progress. It’s a rare chance to see the work without the final patina, which the capable artigiani at the Mariani Bronze Foundry in Pietrasanta – where the piece was cast – will apply.

Without the patina one can see the fine craftsmanship that the artisans are able to achieve. You can visit the Mariani Foundry website, linked here.

“The Gossipers” is my playful meditation on two figure’s relationship with each others and the space between them. It nearly 2 meters tall and is a private commission.



You can visit my website to see more pictures of my work, linked here.


Pietrasanta’s Virtual Museum of Art and Architecture (M.U.S.A.) has set up a Pinterest page where one can see some rare photos of some of my sculptures.

Visit the page, linked here.

And you can visit M.U.S.A.’s own webpage, linked here.


“Selene” – a sculpture I made out of Carrara Marble, in Pietrasanta – is a source of inspiration for the community and for professional photographers. Above are a few photographs of “Selene” in its new home at Kettle Pond, Mariners’ Museum Park, Newport News, Va.


This photo of “Selene” taken at Kettle Pond, in the early morning hours, is by Jerry Gammon. Thank you for sending this in Jerry, and congratulations on the grand-twins!


Maria-Gamundi-Selene-Newport-News-public-sculptureA dream come true: after three years of work, my “Selene” – made in white Carrara marble – rests serene reflecting her image on the waters of Kettle Pond, as she gazes on the James River.

I was thrilled and honored to work with the Newport News Public Art Foundation on this commission. I had the pleasure to be present for the public unveiling – which took place on the 23rd of November, 2013. At the ceremony, which took place on a beautiful sunny fall day, I met some wonderful people. Present were also city council members, McKinley L. Price the city’s Mayor, City Manager, Jim Bourey, State Sen. John Miller, and City Development Director Florence Kingston. Vice Mayor Herbert H. Bateman Jr. and Elliot Gruber, President of The Mariners’ Museum spoke to the crowd. Bobby Freeman Chairman of the Newport News Public Art Foundation kicked-off the ceremony.

“Selene” is now part of the Newport News community; visitors can call a number, while at the park, and hear a short introduction in my own voice.

I’d like to give a warm thank you to Bobby Freeman, the Chairman of the Newport News Public Art Foundation, who was able to envision the finished sculpture on the pond, and whose love of art enriches the lives of so many, and  Carol Capó, the Foundation Executive Director, who helped orchestrate the project, and to all the donors who so generously gave to fund the making of “Selene.” I’d also like to thank the folks back home – in Pietrasanta, Italy – for their help and support: Nicola Stagetti and his able artisans who helped in the realization, and Valentina Fogher in the city’s Cultural Office, as well as Pietrasanta’s Mayor Domenico Lombardi for their continued support.


“Maria Gamundi the making of “Selene” in Pietrasanta”
A film by Silvano Cattai
Featuring “Selene’s Theme” music by Pebble.

Pietrasanta Sculpture, 2013


I was very honored and delighted to see my sculpture in the Piazza del Duomo di Pietgrasanta.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share with the citizens of Pietrasanta and friends, my marble sculpture “Selene” before

her departure for Newport News, Virginea, USA.

Scultrice Maria Gamundi : "Selene"  09.09.2013

I am honored to announce that my sculpture “Selene” will be exhibited in the Piazza in Pietrasanta for a special preview, before it’s sent to the United States. The Piazza del Duomo is Pietrasanta’s premiere exhibition space and the heart of its artistic life, and is very dear to me.

The time to see it it short – from 10am the 18th to sunset on the 20th of September, 2013.

Domenico Lombardi, the Mayor of Pietrasanta may give a welcome greeting at noon, on the 18th, but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Photo by Giorgio Cespa.





These are photos from the reception to celebrate the completion of my marble sculpture “Selene,” at the studio of Nicola Stagetti.

Celebrating the completion of a complicated or large work has been a tradition in the marble studios and bronze foundries of Pietrasanta. It’s a way to thank the artisans who were also involved in the realization of the sculpture and to share the piece with other fellow artists and friends.

Pictured in the last photo are Nicola Stagetti and myself in front of the finished piece. Find out more about Nicola Stahetti’s sculpture studio by visiting his website, linked here.


Finally she is complete!

Work on “Selene,” my commission for the Newport News Public Art Foundation is finished. The statue is 138cm x 133cm x 220cm, weighing nearly four tons.

I will be celebrating its completion with my fellow workers – some of Pietrasanta’s famed Artigiani who work at the Studio Stagetti, who helped me in the realization of the piece.

I extend the invitation to you, dear readers, to come and toast with me.

The event takes place this Saturday, the 7th of September at 6pm at the Studio Stagetti.

Click here for a map with directions.

See you all there!


Silvano Cattai, a Pietrasanta-based sculptor, has been documenting my progress on “Selene” and took the photo above. In it you can see me sanding and perfecting the surface of the marble.

We are getting close to being finished!

“Selene” is a commission for The Newport News Public Art Foundation.


The work is taking place at Studio Stagetti, one of the marble studios of Pietrasanta.




Here are photos of me working on “Selene,” my Carrara marble sculpture, which was commissioned by The Newport News Public Art Foundation.

The work is taking place at Studio Stagetti, one of the marble studios of Pietrasanta.

To find out more information about the studio, visit the studio website, linked here.

Youtube user Lucrezia012 has posted two nice videos of my work, that she produced, on her youtube channel. The first one above is called: “Maria Gamundi Venezuelan Sculptor Chacarera de un triste TANGO.”

The other video I link to here.

I was surprised to find these videos on the web, and am impressed at the amount of energy that Lucrezia012 spent on the research of the photos of my art.

Thank you Lucrezia012; I appreciate your interest in my work.


The figure of “Selene” is beginning to emerge from the block of marble. This part of the sculpting process is called the “sbozzatura,” – the roughing out. The block has received the first cuts (see the picture top left) and is then brought into the studio, in Pietrasanta, where the roughing out is taking place.

Maria-Gamundi-Plaster-Model-Selene-Pietrasanta-Sculpture-2013Here, on the left, is a photo of the “bozzetto” of “Selene.” The “bozzetto,” or plaster model, is the starting point for the larger marble sculpture.

The final sculpture is only four times the size of the plaster model – the plaster model is 50cm high, whereas the final sculptures is 2m tall – but I am struck by the effect: it really feels monumental.


I’ve been working on the plaster model (which is 1 meter tall) of my sculpture “Selene” – which has been commissioned by the Newport News Public Art Foundation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe model is finished, and ready to be used for the carving of the 2,20 meter white Carrara marble sculpture, which I will produce here in Pietrasanta.

Here to the side you can see a picture of me putting the finishing touches on the plaster model; above, you can see a picture of the white Carrara marble block that I selected for the sculpture.

This is always a thrilling moment in the process – I can’t wait to start!

Stay tuned for more photos as the sculpture progresses. I’m new to blogging and am interested in hearing your thoughts, dear reader. Feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below this post.


Newport News Public Art Foundation is sponsoring Maria Gamundi’s “Selene” which is to be installed in Kettle Pond, gazing out over the James River.


The photo above is a photo-montage of a plaster model of “Selene” in the setting of Kettle Pond, Newport News, Virginia. The final sculpture will be two-meters-high and will be carved out of white Carrara marble.

The Newport News Public Art Foundation supports art in public spaces around the city. You can learn more about the sculptures in public spaces sponsored by NNPAF, and “take a tour” on their website, linked here. They are committed to showcasing artworks in public spaces as they believe this affords people a chance to “live” with the art – and art is viewed, in this way, more than art exhibited in museums.

I am delighted by this commission, and am already working on the project. I am currently creating a one-meter-high clay model which will serve for the carving, in marble, of the final sculpture.

What follow are step-by-step photos of the work in progress:


The Armature. In this photo you can see the iron armature being covered with the first layer of clay.


The Clay Model. Additional layers of clay are added guided by the use of pantograph, one of the tools used for making enlargements of sculptures. In this picture you can see the arm of the pantograph taking a reading from the smaller plaster model and then “translating” it to the larger size. This is a mechanical process which only gives a rough approximation of the final sculpture. It is just the first step, the real work is yet to begin…


Working the Clay Model. This is me working on the clay model in my studio in Pietrasanta; this is my chance to perfect and re-create the sculpture in this new size. The enlargement of any work creates issues that affect the whole. I look at each element and make sure that it is harmonious and balanced.

The project, of bringing “Selene” to Newport News is funded entirely by donations from the community. If you would like to contribute, call (757) 369-3014, or email

Visit the Newport News Public Art Foundation website, linked here.


I’m back at work in Pietrasanta on a new sculpture – I’ll post more about this soon – After spending the holidays with my family and friends in Venezuela







Today I post a picture of an earlier sculpture – it’s of “Claudia” and it’s White Carrara Marble.

I live and work in Pietrasanta, Italy which is famous for its marble studios and bronze foundries.
Visit my website for more information at

I’ve been working with the Mariani Foundry for 27 years. They’ve produced all of the bronze sculptures I’ve done over these years.

The Mariani Foundry is run by Adolfo and Nicola Agolini, father and son. The foundry, located in Pietrasanta, is one of the best in the world, they work for important international artists, such as Botero, Mitoraj, and Hanneke Beaumont, among others.

By tradition the artigiani start young, as apprentices, in the marble laboratories and bronze foundries in Pietrasanta – and usually work there their whole lives. I’ve been working with the folks at the Mariani Foundry for so many years that I have seen many of the young workers grow up. They are a wonderful group of people; I think of them as my family.

Click here to see a photogallery of the foundry at work.
The Mariani Foundry is located at:

Via Tre Luci, 51
55045 Pietrasanta (Lucca)

Visit their website for more information about their expert services, which is linked here.

The photo above is is of me at the foundry with a finished bronze – “Bagnante II” with black patina, by Henryk Hetflaisz, visit his website here.
The photo below is of the whole staff – management and the artigiani – the artisan workers – of the foundry. It is by Stefano Baroni, visit his website here.

The television station Reteversilia covered my sculpture exhibition – the reportage is by Jacopo Mencuccini and is edited by Amine Boufaranne.

“Marmo & Bronzo” my solo sculpture show of works in marble and bronze, goes until the 14th of October, 2012 in the Sala Grasce in the complex of Sant’Agostino.

Art Basel Miami is one of the most important art shows in the Americas.
This year it runs from December 6th through 9th 2012.

Miami is a wonderful city and a vibrant art center, but it really comes alive for one of the world’s pre-eminent art events: Art Basel Miami. When you’re in Miami, make sure to visit the Artspace Virginia Miller Galleries!

I have a series of nudes – sculptures in marble, terracotta and bronze available through Virginia Miller – this is a link to my page on Artspace Virginia Miller Galleries.

ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries
169 Madeira Avenue, Coral Gables (Miami), Florida 33134
tel: 305 444 4493 fax: 305 444 9844
For more information:

Here is a link to Art Basel Miami Beach.

And here is a link to my website.

There are 10 more days to see my solo sculpture exibition in Pietrasanta’s Sala delle Grasce. There are 19 sculptures in marble and bronze on view in “Maria Gamundi, Marmo & Bronzo.” I am showing some work for the first time: one is: “Abbraccio” (Embrace) is a composition featuring a couple in a loving embrace. It is made out of statuary marble from Monte Altissimo. Other works are my “Ninfea,” a large format bronze sculpture –  as well as some of my “Bathers,” a series of nudes.

The show closes the 14th of October (below are the hours.) Contact me via email if you would like to see the exhibition during other hours, by appointment.
My email address is mlgamundi (at) Yahoo (dot) it

The show is open from 4:30pm to 8pm. And on weekends also from 10am to 12:30pm. Closed Mondays.

I publish a series of photos from the exhibition – there’s more to see!

Maria Gamundi
“Marmo & Bronzo”
Until October 14th, 2012
In the Sala Grasce
For more information contact: tel: +39 0584 795500


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This is a photo of me working on “Claudia,” – one of my series of nudes – in statuary marble, which my friends at the “Amici del Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta” printed after my “talk” of last Tuesday. The Centro Arti Visive promotes the arts and the artists working in Pietrasanta – they produce events – like my talk – where the artists working in the marble laboratories and bronze foundries of Pietrasanta get a chance to meet the people of the city.

This is a link to the article about my talk on the “Amici del Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta” website.

This is a link to the Centro Arti Visive. And this, is a link to my website.